Monitor Pivotal Cloud Foundry with New Relic

Download the New Relic Broker for Pivotal Cloud Foundry.
Intelligently manage your cloud native apps and get 60 days of New Relic free.

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Easy set up in your environment. Deep insights for your business.

Just download the New Relic tile for Pivotal Cloud Foundry then configure your keys, and you can begin monitoring your PHP, Java, Ruby, and Node.js apps.

Click here for more information on supported agents.

Here’s how it’s done:

Set up New Relic

In the Cloud Foundry Marketplace, select New Relic as a service and enter your credentials in the broker.

Bind New Relic to your apps

From the App Manager console (or the command line interface), point New Relic at the app(s) you want to monitor. No agents to download or configure—the buildpack will automatically detect and set up New Relic.

Access New Relic directly from the Cloud Foundry Console

With single sign-on, you can then log into the console, view your New Relic dashboard, see real-time data, and start making intelligent decisions for your business.

Access to New Relic for Pivotal Cloud Foundry users

Integrated Marketplace Service

  • Get New Relic Lite free.
  • Bind New Relic APM to any Cloud Foundry app, and explore your data, directly from the Pivotal console.

Extended Trial Period

  • 60 days of New Relic APM Enterprise Edition
  • 30 days of New Relic Insights, Mobile and Browser
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Monitor, measure, and manage your most important endeavors. Designed to help:


Build apps faster with composable services designed for independent deployment, scaling, and recovery.


Deploy then use distributed scheduling to make sure the right workloads are running—and keep running.

Continuous Delivery

Shorten your delivery cycle from weeks to minutes.

Open Source

Gain insights and knowledge from the contributions of over 50 members of the Cloud Foundry Foundation.


Align incentives and behaviors across your organization thanks to a structured platform that makes doing the right thing easy.


“At Pivotal, we're all big fans of using New Relic to monitor our applications. And that's one of the reasons we wanted our customers to also be able to use New Relic.”

Nima Badiey, Head of Business Development for Cloud Foundry at Pivotal

Quickly identify issues and take action

Track important metrics like throughput, latency, Apdex, error rate, CPU usage, and more.

Use custom alerts to ensure key transactions are running as they should be.

Easily monitor your application dependencies and connections to add-on services.


Integrate Cloud Foundry and New Relic, free.

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