Yes, you can take your data to go

Monitor your app’s performance anytime, anywhere with New Relic’s free mobile apps.

See your data, live your life

New Relic’s free mobile apps let you access your data wherever you are.

Pocket performance monitoring

Get New Relic for iOS and Android.
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All the awesome data you love from New Relic, everywhere you go.

  • Track real-time and historical app performance
  • See key transaction data and app errors
  • Stay alert(ed) with push notifications

The New Relic Insights App

Download the Insights app now.
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The mobile companion to your web-based Insights experience.

  • View your favorite dashboards
  • Easily switch between accounts
  • Use gauges, bar charts, funnels, and more
iPad Screen 1

Apps, transactions, entities, and alerts on New Relic for iOS.

iPad Screen 2

View of most time consuming Browser transactions on New Relic for iOS.

iPhone Screen 1

Violations in Dark Mode on New Relic Insights for iOS.

iPhone Screen 2

Search and favorited services, apps, and hosts on New Relic for iOS.

iPhone Screen 3

Browser Overview page on New Relic for iOS.

Whether it's checking Apdex with your morning coffee, hunting down sluggish servers in between train stops, or squashing that one last bug before you head out for family dinner...having all the power of New Relic with us wherever we are has helped us redefine application support. Taylor Bird
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