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Java performance monitoring

Pinpoint and solve application issues with Java monitoring from New Relic.

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Find and fix Java errors fast

  • Visualize your Java applications environment with Service Maps
  • Pinpoint even the smallest issues in specific lines of code with Error Stack Traces
  • Dissect errors in real time—based on class, message, and other attributes
  • Measure the performance of your calls to external services and datastores
  • Analyze complicated, multi-threaded applications to find the most time-consuming threads

Easily monitor the health of your Java Virtual Machine

  • Atividade do coletor de lixo
  • Heap and the non-heap memory allocation
  • Contagem de classe carregada e não carregada para JVM
  • Run the low-overhead Java profiler to find bottlenecks, uncover flaws, and optimize performance
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Read our Java agent documentation

View detailed metrics directly in your New Relic dashboard

Response time for your sync and async applications

Eventos de erro de transação

Transaction and custom metric information

Apdex, throughput, external call latency