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Complete visibility across your dynamic infrastructure.

Get a precise picture of your dynamically changing systems. New Relic Infrastructure delivers real-time health metrics correlated with recent configuration changes, so you can quickly resolve issues, scale rapidly, and deploy intelligently.

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Quick install with minimal configuration required.

Movimente-se com rapidez e confiança.

Métricas em tempo real de todos os sistemas

Feed de eventos ao vivo e histórico completo de alterações em todos os hosts

Segmentação por tags AWS, atributos personalizados e metadados

Tag-driven alerting and dashboarding for all your dynamic resources

Infrastructure-wide search to find vulnerable packages or other resources

Aumente o tempo médio entre episódios de insônia

MTTD? MTTR? What really matters is longer periods of sleep uninterrupted by alerts. New Relic Infrastructure makes it easy to quickly find and put out fires before they begin.

Key host health metrics (CPU, Memory, Load, Disk, Network), collected every five seconds

A real-time feed of all changes as they happen across all your hosts, including config changes

Uso dos recursos do disco e obtenção da métrica completa de imediato

Suporte ao docker, inclusive a capacidade de rastrear o desempenho do contêiner por imagem, versão e outros rótulos

Full search of all your hosts that makes it easy to find vulnerable packages—or anything else—in seconds

Correlation of your metrics and events to provide better context of your hosts' performance

Infrastructure events feed screen

How New Relic Infrastructure Works

The power of an end-to-end platform.

When you combine APM and Infrastructure monitoring with the data-analysis capabilities of Insights, you can easily track changes that could affect your applications and gain a clearer understanding of the health of your entire business.

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An unparalleled view into your AWS environment.

Optimize your cloud infrastructure performance and efficiency to deliver a superior experience for your customers.

  • Suporte nativo às tags e aos metadados do AWS
  • Create dynamic dashboards and alerting using any key AWS attribute—role, tier, AZ, datacenter, or any custom EC2 tag
  • Monitor the health of, and track inventory and changes for key AWS services, including EC2, S3, ELB, RDS, EBS, CloudFront, DynamoDB, Elasticache, Lambda, and many more (Pro feature)
  • 13 months of data retention for long-term AWS service analysis (Pro feature)
  • Automatic clean-up for inactive hosts, so you’ll see only the most up-to-date data at all times